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Covid-19 Guidelines

Revision 4 - 02 December 2020

Arrival at Venue

1. Students only to attend if they are fit and well with no symptoms, these being:

• High temperature – this means feeling hot to touch on chest or back (there is no need to measure temperature)

• New continuous cough – this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours (if a cough is usual it may be worse)

• Loss or change to sense of smell and taste – this means unable to smell or taste anything or things smell or taste different to normal

2. If students/parents turn up showing or reporting any of the above they will not be allowed access, sent away and advised to seek professional medical assistance.

3. Students to attend sessions in their training clothes already dressed and bring any training equipment with them for personal use only.

4. Students should enter the venue directly and not congregate outside or in the foyer. Social distancing of 2 metres should be observed at all times.

5. Face mask to be worn before entry unless under 11 years or medically exempt.

6. On entering the foyer, the supplied hand sanitizer should be used by everyone.

7. NHS COVID-19 Test & Trace QR code poster displayed in foyer (and elsewhere).

Inside the Dojo (Training Hall)

1. Hand sanitizer will be available on entry.

2. Face mask not compulsory but can be worn if preferred by individual.

3. Students to enter and place all belongings on floor at least 2 metres apart. These items to remain in this position until the end of the session.

4. During breaks students to return to their place to maintain the correct distancing of 2 metres.

5. Sharing of food, snacks or drinks is not permitted.

6. All windows will be open to ensure maximum ventilation and airflow.

7. There will be no contact during training. Sparring, partnered exercises and groundwork is not permitted. This will be managed by all students and overseen by instructing staff at all times.

8. Student numbers will be monitored for all sessions and restrictions will apply if too many attend for available space. Current membership is not running in excess of this.

9. Training will be carried out with students exercising social distancing at least 2 metres at all times.

10. Personal training equipment will be permitted, no sharing allowed. Any equipment used will be taken home with the student where it should be cleaned after use.

11. After a session, students will leave in an orderly manner in a staggered fashion to avoid crowding and maintain distancing.

12. The use of disposable blue roll may be used during personal hand sanitation. This will be instantly bagged up and placed in the rubbish bin in the training hall.


1. Training fees (cash) will be collected as usual with extra precautions which may include the wearing of gloves and extra sanitization as required.


1. Toilets will be used in accordance with Community Centre measures in place.

2. A maximum of 2 students will be permitted to use the toilets at any one time.

3. Good hand washing discipline will be observed by all.


1. Use of the kitchen will be strictly controlled, access by instructor and limited staff only. This will be on an as needed basis, use will be very minimal.


1. Cleaning will be carried out as required after each session if necessary.

2. The use of spray sanitizer and disposable blue roll will be used to clean surfaces.

3. All waste material will be bagged up and put in the bin in the training hall.

Track/Test and Trace, Attendance Log

1. All student’s details to be kept up to date including address, telephone and email.

2. As already in place, a register of attendance for each session will be recorded. This to be stored on club database and backed up after each session.

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Updated 15th December 2020