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Founder Member

Sensei John Dalton - Nidan (2nd Dan)

John is ranked Nidan (2nd Dan) and a registered Independent Martial Art Sports Association (IMASA) instructor. He is Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) enhanced check passed and has attended several courses on ‘Safeguarding and Protecting Children'.

John ran St. Michael's Karate Club with Ken for many years. There was a lot of enquires about running a karate club on the other side of the city so John started his own club in Salisbury called Hampton Park Karate Club which he ran for several years. John decided to move away from Salisbury and relocate to Shaftesbury. He handed his club over to one of his black belt students who had trained with him from the begining at Hampton Park Karate Club. The new instructor was unable to meet training commitments so unfortunately, after some time, the club was forced to close. All was not lost though because many of the students transferred to St. Michael's Karate Club and it is of some interest that several of those students still train there today.

John is now the club instructor at Shaftesbury Karate Club in Shaftesbury, Dorset which boasts a membership in excess of thirty-five students of all ages and grades. In June 2014 he was awarded the rank of Nidan by Independent Martial Art Sports Association (IMASA).

Page updated 9th August 2017