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Steven Morris 7th Dan - Kobe Osaka International

Steven Morris was born in 1963 and started training in karate when he was six years old. He has an unprecedented record of absolute consistency in competition at national and international level. He started competing at age twelve in kata and kumite, and has had considerable success including many Shukokai and Shitoryu international titles. He was the K.O.I World Kata Champion from 1991 until 1999 when he retired. He won every British Kata Championships from the first one ever held in 1985 until he retired as undefeated champion in 2000.

He entered 12 European championships and was never placed lower than 5th. He placed 2nd three times, 3rd twice, 4th four times, and 5th three times. He has competed in 2 WUKO/WKF World Cups and placed 9th and 3rd. He has competed in 3 WUKO/WKF World Championships and placed 5th twice. In the 1996 World Championships in South Africa he was behind the 3rd place contestant by just 0.2 points.

Qualifications - Steven has been a full time karate and health club instructor since 1985 and currently runs eight dojos. He has attended numerous leisure industry courses on anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, nutrition, and safe exercise procedures. He has attended the Refereeing and Coaching Courses organised by Kobe Osaka International and is a Scottish Karate Board Level 2 Coach and SVQ Assessor. He holds Kobe Osaka International Instructor, Referee and Kata Judge qualifications as well as being an SKB National Referee and Kata Judge. He has assisted his father on numerous national and international courses at home and abroad, including ten years as the Kobe Osaka International Kata Coach.

He has amongst others, conducted training for the Egyptian, Kuwaiti, and Saudi Arabian National Teams. The Egyptian Kata Team went on to win the African Games and to take a 5th place in the World Championships in Granada. He trained the Kobe Osaka Kata team, which won the British and Scottish Championships three times and twice took 5th place in the European Championships.

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Page updated 8th December 2012